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Who we are

Understanding the complexity of the immune response to tumors and identifying new biomarkers to predict patient benefit from new immunotherapies, requires multi-disciplinary and highly motivated employees working in a collaborative environment. ImCheck is in the process of developing ambitious programs which build on dynamic exchanges between researchers of the Cancer Research Center of Marseille, clinicians of the Institut Paoli-Calmettes and its worldwide network.

Together, we share a wide-range of experience in immunity and cancer as well as in first-in-class drug candidate development, which are aimed at tackling new strategies and strengthening existing cancer treatments.

Our journey began in 2015 when the renowned researcher Professor Daniel Olive decided to develop a new "first-in-class" antibody to improve on the first-generation of checkpoint inhibitors in cancer. Today we are one the top peforming start-ups in the biotech industry with a presence in the US.  

Work at ImCheck

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Life at ImCheck

Life at ImCheck - Our values

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