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Life at ImCheck

ImCheck is characterized by strong the values and principles which remain close to our hearts and govern our daily actions. 

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We are "Results-Orientated"

Being committed to our mission, develop exemplarity by being self-demanding, demonstrate proactiveness and entrepreneurial dynamism by taking decisions our scope of intervention. Able to push beyond our zone of comfort and strive to surpass ourselves. Have the ability to anticipate, execute and report effectively, demonstrate responsiveness and agility.


We are "Reliable"

Be disciplined and rigorous in our work, ensuring traceability and reproducibility in order to maintain credibility. Have the ability to provide continuous feedback throughout the decision-making process & support management decisions even when in disagreement. Be transparent & respectful of commitments and deadlines.


We ensure "Collective Effectiveness"

Treat the ImCheck community with respect and be co-responsible for the functioning of the community. Cooperate transversally, listen actively to others and be considerate. Be trustworthy, good-hearted without being complacent, demonstrate solidarity and able to accept constructive criticism. Say what is needed, when it is needed and direct your energy to the benefit of the collective project.


We have the necessary "Expertise"

Continually seek to improve our skills to the collective good, share Best Practices and knowledge, transmit know-how and knowledge, be proactive by seeking information from those who hold it, keep up-to-date and sensitive to the Biotech environment. 

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