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Our Commitment To You

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As a company, we understand the difficulties that young people face when trying to enter the job market. ImCheck is committed to offering work opportunities to young people by offering them an "accelerated" training program which allows them to quickly develop the necessary expertise, professionalism and maturity.

With these skills, they are able to either join us or use them within our ecosystem.

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ImCheck is proud to be one of the signatories of the Parity Pact launched by the French Tech Association and is committed to promoting equality between women and men.

Looking to join ImCheck?

Developing Talent

At ImCheck we value the uniqueness of each individual, and helping each person perform to the best of our abilities. We offer a wide number of development opportunities and well as create an environment of mobility within the company. As such, we ensure that you are supported with training, coaching and mentoring throughout your employment with us. We pride ourselves on helping each person realize their personal career goals. In 2021, we delivered more than 1,000 hours of technical and personal development training.


We also provide a comprehensive on-boarding program that covers the foundation of how we work. We offer our employees transversal collaboration opportunities across functions and disciplines and encourage everyone to act like intra-entrepreneurs, creating and recreating your role and always looking out for new opportunities to grow and innovate.  

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Diversity, inclusion & equal opportunity


What do we believe?


As an organization, we have a responsibility to make Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity part of our DNA – from integration to supporting our workforce.


Our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity is a core part of our way of life and ensures that we serve the community in which find ourselves. To remain as innovative and agile as we currently are, we need to be diverse, fair, and inclusive.


Early Career Programs


As part of our commitment to give back to the community and to ensure that we provide equal opportunities to all walks of life, we are part of the “One Youth One Opportunity” government program. This means that we provide opportunities to Bachelor, Master, and PhD students in the early stages of their training. This includes through internships, apprenticeships, or work-linked training. You will learn about the realities of a business on a day-to-day basis, alongside expert tutors. We provide satisfying activities and high-quality missions to ensure success in your time with us. Through these interships, you will build on your knowledge and put it into practice, while accumulating solid experience for the future!  


PhD students are welcome to apply to our internship program (CIFRE contracts). 

Work/Study Contracts

Our Work/Study Contracts offer you the opportunity to train in the job of your dreams whilst discovering the working environment. Your role is essential to the team within which you will be integrated. Through your missions, you will be able to express your creativity and develop skills. We provide a springboard for your career and the opportunity to realize your ambitions in a stimulating and innovative environment. 

CIFRE contracts

5 Contacts engaged with the ANRT over the past 4 years with students working in labs across the country. 


Work/Study Contracts

3 Work/Study Contracts engaged in the past two years. 

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Early Career Programs

5 Internships engaged over the past 2 years from high school to higher education students.


Diversity & Inclusion 

9% of new hires were females in 2022.


2% of new hires were handicapped individuals.

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Benefits and Rewards

As part of our overall Compensation Package, we are proud to offer our staff an exceptional Benefits Program which has been specifically designed to support all aspects each person’s life including health, wellness, and work/life balance.

Long-term incentives

At ImCheck we offer two types of long-term incentives: Performance-Based Bonuses and Seniority Bonuses.

Performance-based bonuses are paid to employees for meeting their individual goals and are generally paid once a year, according to your employment contract.

Long-service bonuses or Seniority bonuses are awarded to all employees who have completed at least three years with the company. This period starts on the anniversary of your joining the company and is calculated on the conventional minimum of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Complimentary Health Insurance

All ImCheck staff members are covered by our complimentary insurer, APGIS. ImCheck covers 60% of the insurance amount, which includes free cover for children as well as unemployed spouses.

Meal Vouchers

As part of our effort to provide a competitive compensation package, ImCheck offers meal vouchers allowing staff to purchase and enjoy lunch under advantageous financial conditions.

These vouchers are provided in credit card format through Swile.  

Short-term incentives

ImCheck grants to employees short-term incentives in the form of free shares or stock options. The object of this approach is to associate the employees with the success of the company.


ImCheck is also a sponsor of HappyPal, a platform that allows our employees to benefit from more than 500 exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions. HappyPal partners with most major retailers and allows you to save on your daily purchases. This is managed by our Employee Representatives Committee.

Well-Being Program

One of our core priorities is the health and wellbeing of our employees. As such, we offer indoor and outdoor intitiatives such as fitness, meditation and yoga sessions as well as tips and tricks to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. 

Safe Work Environment 

At ImCheck, your safety is our main concern. 

13% of all staff are trained in First Aid and we aim to significantly increase this number in 2023.

All travel is secure through the comprehensive assistance of trusted partners and our wonderful Office Manager. 

Your sensitive data is protected by our Data Protection Officer, our HR Director and through the use of a fully-compliant HRIS. 

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