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Maelle Mairesse, Data Science Manager at ImCheck

Updated: May 13, 2023

· When did you join ImCheck?

I have been working at ImCheck for 2 years.

· What have you learned and what are you still learning at ImCheck?

At ImCheck, you are constantly learning from highly educated colleagues who have years of expertise in various fields and are more than happy to mentor you and exchange knowledge. Besides, working in a fast-paced biotech company as Imcheck nudge you to push beyond your comfort zone and learn to prioritize your work and be proactive.

· How would you describe your work environment?

The working environment at Imcheck is caring and challenging. As a small company, there is no rigid hierarchy which allow a seamless communication between teams/departments/levels, ensuring inclusion and involvement of everyone to fulfill our mission. Whatever your role or level in the company, your ideas and opinions will be duly noted, and your work valued.

· What are the benefits of working at a company like ImCheck?

After years in a big pharmaceutical company, I was looking for a company where I can have more flexibility and witness the direct effect of my work.

Being a vibrant Biotech company, ImCheck has offered me what I was looking for and even more. There are always several projects to conduct in parallel, news skills to learn from your colleagues and new plans to set up, with decisions taken rapidly thanks to a human and efficient organization. This is the kind of company where demonstrating your proactiveness, reliability and dynamism is valued, and allow you to be an integral part of the company and enhance your prospects of professional development. In a nutshell, plenty of opportunities to give your best and no time to get bored.

· What would you say to someone who wants to join ImCheck's team?

If you are motivated, craving to learn and enjoying working in a young and lively team then Imcheck could be the company you have dreamt of 😉


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