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Katrien Lemmens, Senior Medical Director at ImCheck

Dernière mise à jour : 11 mai 2023

· When did you join ImCheck?

I joined Imcheck as senior Medical Director Aug 1st this year, so 4 months ago now.

· Why did you choose to work for ImCheck?

My main driver for joining was that I never worked for in biotech company before. Having worked in academia and in big Pharma before, I had the impression a biotech environment would combine the best of worlds for me. And so far, I feel I was right.

· What have you learned and what are you still learning at ImCheck?

The academic spirit is for sure very vivid at Imcheck. As a small group with many bright and experienced people, everyone needs to take accountability and be pro-active. You can not hide behind big silo departments as in bigger companies. That is challenging but all the more rewarding. Communication lines are short, and not driven by hierarchy. I would say that the works is organized more organically, bottom up and not top down.

That is what I like most, as you can get things done faster and everyone’s contribution matters and is valued.

At the same time, this means everything is less structured and your job description is not a fixed thing. Personally, I love this atmosphere, but I can imagine it can make some newcomers feel a bit insecure/unsure. The best advise here is to just ask help, pose the questions you have, as everyone is very helpful. There is not shame it not knowing something, you can only learn by asking. (something I had to learn along the years)

· What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for ImCheck?

As a remote worker and not a native “Francophone” I wondered how my integration would go, and I must say it is easier then expected. Again here, the familial atmosphere helps a lot and I feel it every time I come to Marseille. The only downside to my visits is that there is always something too nice (and sweet) to eat. So, I always need to rum some extra miles to burn the calories 😊.

· What would you say to someone who wants to join ImCheck?

In summary, I can only say I am happy I joined Imcheck. I feel the companies’ values are aligned with mine. Ambition, innovative thinking, proactiveness and setting the bar high go hand in hand with open-mindedness, support, familial atmosphere and kindness. The latter I really felt and valued when my father died. In this type of environment, I feel I can learn a lot and develop on a professional and personal level. And most importantly, I feel motivated to do so.


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