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Applying at ImCheck

Updated: Apr 8

Be thoughtful about the position that you are applying for, and make sure that it’s one that not only inspires you, but one that you feel qualified for and could be successful in. As you read through the job advert take note of the main competencies that are required for the role and make sure these are represented on your CV/resume. If there are any qualification questions, be sure to answer all the questions completely and accurately. There is no perfect layout for a CV/resume, but we do recommend that your main selling points are sold in the first half of the first page of your CV/resume. Think about the person reading the document and what would convince them you are the right fit for the role. Consider keywords that might be used across the industry and try to avoid internal or uncommon acronyms.

Remember, we might search for you using keywords too. Be smart about the keywords you use to make sure your profile will be found.

Once you have completed your application, you will get an email confirming your application has been received. Our Recruitment Team will review and get back to you as quickly as possible. The timing can vary dependent on the number of applications we receive for each role and some cases we start to review applications only after the vacancy closing date.

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